Single Hire Items


We offer the ability for you to completely customise what you require for your hire so you can build your perfect tea party.


Trio $3.00
Duo $2.00
Teapot $8.00
Milk Jug $2.00
Sugar Bowl $2.00
Three Tiered Cake Stand $6.00
Two Tiered Cake Stand $4.00
Cake Platter $3.00
Sandwich Platter $3.00


Silver Decorative Teaspoon $0.50
Silver Decorative Fork $0.50
Silver Decorative Sugar Tongs $0.50
Silver Decorative Cake Server $1.00
Silver Decorative Serving Tongs $1.00
Gold Decorative Teaspoon $0.50
Gold Decorative Fork $0.50
Gold Decorative Sugar Tongs $0.50
Gold Decorative Serving Tongs $1.00
Gold Decorative Cake Knife $1.00


Glass Tumbler $1.00
Champagne Flute $1.00

Table Setting

White Rectangular Table Cloth (1.5m x 2.25m) $8.00
White Round Table Cloth (274cm) $8.00
White Cotton Napkins $2.00
Black Cotton Napkins $2.00
Navy Blue Cotton Napkins $2.00
Silk Floral Bouquet $3.00
Foam Rose Bouquet $3.00
Vases (Variety of different options) $3.00