Tea Party Games

Tea Party Games

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The Purse Game

Make a list of items that are most likely to be found in a handbag, and even a few items you might be surprised to find!

Have your guests grab their purses, and announce an item on your list, the first person to hold up that item from the contents of their purse is awarded a point.

Whoever has the most items from the list in the contents of their purse wins.

List Ideas: lipstick, bobby pin, hair tie, mirror, receipt, tissues, panadol, phone, gum, pen, car keys, etc.


Tea Time Talk

This game requires a pen and paper for everyone.

Choose a worse of your choice (T-E-A-P-A-R-T-Y, for example) and have your guests write down as many words as they can think of in a two minute period.

Prizes can be awarded for the most words created, a prize for the most unique words, and for the longest word.

Quick Teatime Pics

A unique version of Pictionary. Form teams of two or more.

Without talking, use loose leaves to shape a picture, the first one to guess correctly scores a point. The team with the most points wins.

You’ll probably want to cut open some inexpensive teabags, as the finer “dust” is easier to shape. For some added interest, supply different types of leaves.

Include both easier and harder words, but keep in mind you might want to try them out yourself before the party.

Chinese Whispers

Think of a sentence and whisper it to the person next to you, the person next to you will then whisper what you said to the person next to them and so on and so forth, the last person to receive the whisper needs to say out-loud what they have heard, it usually doesn’t make it around the table without variances to what you originally said, but it makes for a great laugh at the end!

Name That Song

Get a collection of popular music, play a small snippet and get the teams to guess the song!

Teabag Toss

For the Teabag Toss hand each guests five tea bags and have them try and toss them into a teacup from a few feet away.

You can add more than one teacup, and assign a point value for each teacup. The player with the most points earned wins a prize.


Make up different cards using words associated with high tea, or even words associated with you!

Have strips printed off with the words you have chosen and put them into a teacup, first person to cover all of the words in a line, diagonally, horizontally or vertically wins!

Message Under a Plate

Write or print a different phrase on each of several small pieces of paper. Place one card under each of your guests’ plates. Make the phrases usable, but strange.

Once seated, ask everybody to read the card under their plate– they’re not to read it aloud or share its contents with anybody. Instruct your guests to use their phrase or question as naturally as they can in conversation.

You can decide to make this a race – whoever manages to use their phrase last loses. Or it can be a competition between guests. The goal is for each guest to figure out when another guest is using an assigned phrase. If they’re able to slip it into conversation naturally without anybody noticing, they win.

Sugar Stacks

A great game top play with left over sugar cubes, playing individually or in teams (depending on how many cubes you have left) the person/team with the highest stacked sugar cube tower when you say stop wins.

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